Quick Theories by QuHarrison Terry

Quick Theories

A high-tech anthology that explores the digital macrocosm – a near-futuristic place where technology and humanity converge.


Your place in the future is ambiguous. Your existence undecided. But one thing we know for certain is that high-tech advancements are inevitable.

You cannot avoid the impact Oculus Go will have on replacing reality with digital environments. You cannot avoid the fact that CRISPR will change our very understanding of what’s naturally-occuring and what’s manufactured nature.

Quick Theories creates a foundational understanding of our high-tech influences and then helps you envision how daily life will change. It bridges this gap between sci-fi and reality, so that you can foresee and create your place in the future.

What's included?

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Would You Attend a Wedding in Virtual Reality?
A Marketplace for Genetic Information will be Available within Two Decades
Paying for Facebook Could Solve the Data Privacy Issues
Facebook Just Created The iPhone Of Virtual Reality
How Smart Home Devices Open Your Door To Unwanted Visitors
The Artificial Influencer That’s Worth Over $6 Million
Is This Artificial Intelligence Church The Way Of The Future?
Trust In Government Falls To 20%. Is This The Opening For An AI Politician?
Digital Legacy: What Will You Pass Along When You Pass Away?
Mind Control? Now Possible With University Of Washington Research
Researchers Develop Mind-Reading Machine That Works With 90% Accuracy
The App With 938 Million Users, Showing Facebook How It’s Done
You Only Have 6 Seconds To Impress Job Recruiters. Why I Put My Resume On A NYC Billboard
More Than 1.2 Trillion Photos Were Taken In 2017. What To Do With All These Memories?
75% Of Workplace Harassment Goes Unreported, But AI May Fix This
22,000 People Agreed To Clean Human Waste In A WiFi Privacy Policy
One In Three Kids Use An IPad Before They Can Speak. This Is The Emergence Of Digital Intelligence
HQ Trivia Inspires A New Industry Of Online Communities
Digital Identity Theft Is A Growing Problem With Video Manipulation Technology
How Amazon Thrives On Our Impatience As Consumers
Insuring Bitcoin And Cryptocurrencies For Financial Security
Cloud Desktops Let You Lease Your Computer, Just Like A Car
Autonomous Companies Don’t Need Human Workers
Digital Disguises: Your Only Chance At Privacy
Fashion Technology Shaping Up As The Next Trillion Dollar Industry
Uber Teams Up With NASA To Bring Us Flying Taxis In Five Years
Technofossils Are The Artifacts Of Our Existence. What Do They Say?
Our Facial Future: Where Your Face Holds All Your Secrets
Doctors Are Turning To Smartphones For Answers, With Good Reason
Digital Tattoos Will Replace Your Fitness Wearable And TV Remote
Can We Have Therapeutic Conversations With Computers?
The Misleading Nature Of Artificial Intelligence, And Why We Believe It
Would You Upgrade Your Average Senses To Extraordinary Levels?
Interactive Films You (The Viewer) Control Are In Production
Compassion Is The One Thing Stopping A Robot Caregiver Takeover
Why Our Appetite Depends On Fancy Farming Techniques
Not Even “The Law” Can Escape Artificial Intelligence
A Potential Future Of Work… Where You Get Paid Not To Work
The AI Chatbot That Mimics Your Unique Personality
The AI That Is Creative And Rehabilitative
Why Our Facebook Dependence Is Really Bad
Attack Of The Chatbots: When AI Goes Rogue
Buying More Than A Boost With Smart Drugs
Creating A Limitless Existence With Transhuman Technology
The Not-So-Lonely Future Of TV
Fighting Bankruptcy And Boredom With Surveillance Cameras
How My Virtual Coach Helped Make Working Out Enjoyable
When Economic Inequality Becomes Biological Inequality
Future Of Video Content Is All In Your Head
Neural Implants (Neuralink) Will Connect All Brains
Messaging Apps Are Severely Cluttering Our Progress
Emoji Language Is The First Unified, World Language
Language Barrier Is No Match For A Voice Translator
Future Of Journalism Relies On YOU, The Reader
Black Box In An IPhone And Wearable Device Detectives
Overcoming Anxiety Of The Future Of Work
Natural Language Generation Turns Robots Into Writers
Artificial General Intelligence Approaches Singularity
Digital Drugs, Binaural Beats, And The Future Of Medicine
Google Home Vs. Amazon Echo: A Battle No AI Can Win
Big Data As A Service Accelerates Innovation Like Never Before
Digital Privacy Is Collapsing Thanks To Palantir Technologies
Chatbots, Like Cleverbot, Don’t Live By Our Rules

Let’s face it, today our lives look much more like an episode of Star Trek than they do Seinfeld.

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